Cards in Envy “Toes in the Sand Beach Card” Challenge Card #1

Hello fellow cardmakers,

While I was looking through the beautiful cards on the most recent Operation Write Home Challenge I was visiting different card blogs and ran into some new card challenges and card challenge sites I knew nothing about!!!  So glad I found them.

One of them is wonderful website Cards in Envy!  Visit them if you haven’t already.

They host new card challenges every couple of weeks and the current challenge happens to be a Toes in the Sand Beach Card Challenge.  How fun!

I am going to challenge myself to do more challenges . . . mainly to improve my cardmaking skills and see some of the many, many beautiful cards that are out there.  Wow, when I see some of these cards, mine pale in comparison.

Well, here is the first of my 3 entries (I hope I’m doing it right, I believe the rules said we can do 3 entries per challenge) 🙂

IMG_2316   I like playing with different ink combinations to make a beautiful sunset or water effect.

The palm tree stamps are from a great Aloha set by Gina K. Designs.

Hope you enjoy and visit CARDS IN ENVY!!!!

Happy cardmaking,



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