Operation Write Home “Top 13 of 13” Blog Hop


I’m very excited to participate in this Blog Hop sponsored by Operation Write Home!

The task is to choose your favorite 13 cards that you made in 2013!

I just started making cards this past May 2013 and I find it interesting to look back at old pictures of my cards and see how I’ve progressed as I learned new techniques and received different materials.

So here we go in no particular order!  Hope you enjoy.

1.  Hawaii Card – I go to Hawaii every year for a training.  This year I decided to make about 30 Hawaii themed cards to take with me to sell after finding a great Aloha stamp set from Gina K Designs.  This was one of my favorites as I love the color pallette and I love doing the embossing work.  I was happy that I sold out of my cards 🙂


2.  Christmas Card – This was the Christmas card that I designed and made for this year.  As a music therapist and drum circle facilitator I couldn’t resist this fabulous Drummer Boy Stamp Set by Our Daily Bread Designs!  As it was first year making my Christmas cards, I seriously underestimated the time it takes to make multiple cards.  15 cards took me about 12 hours over two days – but I think it was worth it as I received many positive comments about the card.


Christmas Card 2013

3.  Halloween Card – I like the simple pattern of this one and how the hand stamped patterned paper that I made turned out.


4.  Gifts card – I really enjoy using the red/black/white theme as to me they look so very elegant and polished.  I just like this simple design and that it is appropriate for so many occasions.


5.  Birthday cards – I love making my own patterned paper with fun stamps.  I like how this patterned paper turned out for a fun, bright, festive birthday card.


6.  I’ve enjoyed working on my embossing technique over the last couple of months.  I just love how cards with embossing look!  So elegant!


7.  Breast Cancer awareness card – This October I worked on making quite a few Breast Cancer support cards decked out in various shades of pink.  I found this great ribbon stick stamp as well the tree stamp at a scrapbook show from Stamps by Judith – definitely check them out.


8.  Music card – I made this card for a friend of mine who was celebrating the opening of his community music school.  I used silver embossing and a nice black/silver/red theme.  Fun!


9.   This one has to be my absolute favorite from 2013 – so much that I made a couple of them in various colors!  I found the great coffee digi stamp from Bugaboo!  I’m a huge coffee lover and I thought this sentiment was just so perfect!


10.  I am a musician so I of course have many music themed stamps.  I made a little music patterned paper and added the great music sentiment!  Love making music cards!


11.  I felt that this one turned out pretty nice.  I made the patterned paper with a nice flourish stamp I had and incorporated various purple papers to made a nice clean, fresh card!IMG_1893

12.  Hawaii card –  This is another one from the collection of cards I took to Hawaii.  I cut a piece of cardstock and used it as a pattern to make the waves with various colors of blue ink and a makeup sponge!  Fun technique!


13.  I absolutely love the great, creative brads that are available at The Eyelet Outlet so I designed quite a few cards built around using them as the theme.  These candy cane brads are only a couple of the many, many, many packages I picked up at a scrapbook fair and an end of the year holiday sale online!


I hope you enjoyed my cards!

I look forward to making many, many more cards and perfecting some new techniques in 2014!

Happy cardmaking to all,